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History of the Foundation

October 2002

August 2005

September 2006

September 2021

Summer 2000

Inauguration of the School

The Director Mrs Danuta Sokolska retired and is now replaced by her daughter Mrs dagmara Ochrymowicz.



French delegation created 

''Les Enfants de l'Arc-en-Ciel''

Support the children

from France

We bought a land  22 015 m²


in Dominican Republic

La Fondation is registered in Dominican Republic.

The Founder settles down in Dominican Republic as to monitor and administrate the school.



''Los Niños del Arco Iris''


Main Objectives and challenges


Teeching is based on the Dominican National Education program of Dominican Republic, and then we add a western Europeen contribution. Teeching is performed by a majority of dominican teachers. The teaching workforse is also helped by other foreign teachers from other countries.


By welcoming Western children and children from other countries in the world we are encouraging exchanges between different cultures

Furthermore "the development of socio-cultural and racial exchanges between peoples allowing to enrich and fulfill differences".

Preparation of high school



We have been creating of a free school for children (poor families) in the Dominican Republic.

The Foundation was built in the Dominican Republic. The aim is to provide advanced teaching and education for children aged 6 to 18.

Our main goal is to prioritize the development of each individual child, allowing them to develop his full potential, while following a full curriculum.

The school is developing the civilization of the future. The children are educated without conditioning (races or others) and fully free in their spirit.

The school prepares students for higher education in order to be competitive in any country in the world.

Furthermore here are the essentials goals which can be achieved:


  • Give young Dominicans training and teaching equivalent to their Western children.
  • Emphasize the individual development of each student, in order to highlight their skills and high potential.
  • Contribute to the development of students by developing harmony between body, soul and spirit.

Board Members 

of the International Foundation


President and Founder


Financial Director


Dagmara Ochrymowicz

Public Relations Director


President of  French Association


Children Protection

Message of Danuta

The Team

This project is under the responsibility of Mrs. Danuta Sokolska, President and founder of the International Foundation "Children of the Rainbow",

President of the Dominican Foundation "Los Niños del Arco Iris" and Administrative Director of the school center in the Dominican Republic.

Since its opening, Madame Sokolska has lived in the Dominican Republic.

Bernard Lonchampt Vice-President of the International Children of the Rainbow Foundation, a federal graduate with expertise in "finance and controlling",

is in charge of the Finance Department of the project.

Mr. Lonchampt lives in Switzerland.


Dagmara Ochrymowicz

Member of the Foundation Council, responsible for public relations in the Dominican Republic, teacher at the school center, and Academic Director.

Ms. Ochrymowicz has lived in the Dominican Republic since August 2007.


Christian Monney Advisor and member of the Foundation Board, FMH specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy,

former vice-president of the Swiss Society of Social Psychiatry, president of the Group of Psychiatric Day Hospitals (France - Belgium - Switzerland),

acts as advisor for the child protection. He lives in Switzerland.


Evelyne Develey President of the French Association since 2016, Director of logistics projects.

Manages the French Association on a daily basis with Bernadette Cassat, Marie-Neiges Jauneaud, members of the board of directors of the French Association.


Since the creation of the Foundation, Ms. Sokolska has surrounded herself with a strong team of volunteers and shared the same desire to create a

fairer world where each child receives the education they need to.


This is how all the people  between Switzerland, France and the Dominican Republic, with different and very diverse personal and professional backgrounds, have joined the Foundation's extended board of directors and actively contribute, through their action, to the realization of what was initially only a dream.


The Foundation employs 32 people in the Dominican Republic who provide for the proper functioning of the school.



Let's build a colorful future together!

For the past few years, I have worked with children, young people and their families in the Dominican Republic, alongside  teachers.


What do we know about the Dominican Republic?

A heavenly place to enjoy your holidays, on the other hand cartel of drugs, prostitution and poverty.

And we say: What can we do?

It was in the Dominican Republic that the words "sharing" and "having" found their true meaning for me.

In this country we share with ease.

I remember being invited by a poor Dominican family where, at the end of the meal, the housewife went out to distribute the meal’s remaining with the neighbors who hadn't

 eaten that day.

Here, the meaning « to have » means for many « to survive ».

Dominican’s nobility who are silently supporting the struggle of everyday life, would surprise anyone who is willing to see it.


It is sometimes very tricky to hold a children staring and questioning you.

Dominicans have an enormous intellectual potential which cannot always be developed because of economic difficulties. Parents dream for their children to have a better life.

A dream which very parents will have in the world.

Can we act?

Can we support these  children and parents dreams from another country?

We have a lot, Perhaps we can we share ?


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