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At the start of the school year, the Centre welcomes a new class of 22 pupils from the 1st year of primary school.The teaching is given according to the program of National Education of the Dominican Republic to which in addition to a European contribution. The aim of the school is to encourage students to obtain a degree, opening the doors to Dominican, European or American universities. Trilingual education, Spanish, English and French, is introduced from the 4th year of primary school.


From the beginning of their education the objective is to create the right environment where the pupils can expand their possibilities, becoming autonomous in teaching them how to think for themselves.  With the right guidance they are encouraged to make choices, take calculated risks and amaze in the results.  They are taught respect for each other and basic human values, to communicate openly to consider others’ opinions and debate them, so they can grow into well rounded adults.



The main focus of the program is to allow children to ask questions about anything they find curious! Things that interest them, Questions like:

· Why doesn't the moon fall from the sky?

· Why can I buy a doll with my pennies?

· Why does mom have a big belly?

· When I grow up, can I be a firefighter? 


With flexibility to allow teachers to approach different subjects such as concepts of space, astronomy, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, technology, humanities as well as vocabulary, grammar, languages, social training, the arts and physical education.

Knowing how to adapt your program to the interests and curiosity of the students is fundamental. This approach is the essential vehicle for learning.


The teaching staff is essentially made up of Dominicans and reinforced by professors from other countries of the world, who teach in their native language. Continuous educational training supports teachers.The teacher themselves also receive regular education updates to keep up to date with new techniques and information.The school does not interfere with religious beliefs. This aspect is parental responsibility. The school does not get involved in teaching religious education, preferring to leave this area for the families to teach as they chose.

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