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Your support helps to keep the school running and provide a valuable education for the children.


The school has a capacity of  300 with an average of 20 children per class.     


Thanks for your help.

How to help us ? 

There are different ways to help the Foundation


What does it mean to be a sponsor ?

The amount of sponsorship can be monthly, quarterly, per term or annually. Regular sponsorship helps the Foundation to manage and budget the available resources more effectively (or efficiently).


Our Vision: By sponsoring through the Foundation you are helping ALL of the children at the centre, not just a chosen few, there is no favoritism amongst the students. 


  • Sponsorship is vital for us to keep the school running. It is your sponsorship that covers the vital costs involved in keeping the school open every day by paying for
  • Salaries of all employees of the School,
  • Books and school supplies, notebooks, pencils, paintings, etc ..
  • Meals and snacks,
  • School center maintenance costs,
  • Medical visits if necessary.


We urgently need new sponsorships. The search for new sponsors has become our top priority.



They can be done in the form:

  • Work provided
  • Innovative ideas
  • Money
  • Sponsorship
  • School equipment
  • Computers
  • Equipment for the kitchen, the refectory
  • Materials for artistic creativity workshops and class
  • Books for the library (Spanish)
  • Educational games
  • And of course, advice that can help (consulting).


Donations, in particular donations from businesses or local authorities, are reserved for work to extend or develop the centre (construction, various improvements within the school, etc.).

Anyone who wants to get involved to help is welcome. We are looking for young and motivated people from different professional backgrounds to strengthen the Swiss and French teams.

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