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The management of the Foundation is overseen by the Swiss Confederation. Their supervision includes the management of funds, the structure and the goals set and achieved by the Foundation. This oversight applies both to the management of the funds and to the respect of the goals that the Foundation has set for itself in its statutes. Since its creation, the Foundation has received an annual certificate of compliance from the monitoring body.



e Foundation Board has its annual accounts audited by an approved audit firm (OFAS).

All the members of the Foundation Board go to Cabrera once a year, entirely at their own expense, to check that the centre is functioning properly.


The rigorous management of the school makes it possible to  achieve a daily operating cost of 6 CHF or 5 € per child / day (base year 2019-2020). This cost includes all centre management fees, such as education, food, babysitting, centre and grounds maintenance, repairs, employee salaries


The centre employs around 30 people to keep it fully functional. The funds received by the Children's Foundation therefore allows 30 families to live in decent conditions, through the salaries they receive.

The site was produced voluntarily by Flavien Vernet